Need to know more about what to expect?  Here are answers to the most common questions we get from those who are just starting out:

Many people feel a difference after their first lesson! Because of Pilates’ unique emphasis on whole-body connection, it is typical to feel taller, lighter, refreshed, and rejuvenated after your workouts, even the first one. But perhaps the best answer is what Joseph Pilates himself said: "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body." P.S. We trust you already know this, but don’t forgot that cardiovascular activity and a good diet are vital parts of the healthy lifestyle you deserve!
In order to get the kind of results we know you want, we highly recommend doing Pilates at least twice a week.  That way, your muscle memory can kick in and you can start seeing and feeling the difference faster.  To accommodate for this, we offer classes at various times and price points.  Go ahead and start a new, positive habit.  You will be amazed at what a regular Pilates practice can do for your body, mind, and spirit!
Come as you are, my friend.  Come as you are!  Many people think they have to reach a certain point - such as losing weight, or getting out of chronic pain - before they can try Pilates, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! You do not have to be a certain age, shape, or in any specific circumstance to start enjoying the benefits of Pilates. And we can't emphasize that enough! When you walk in our door for your first lesson, we take great care starting you right where you are. We, of course, want you to be safe and get your doctor’s advice about Pilates if you are dealing with a current injury, but let us reassure you that you are in excellent hands at The Pilates Nook.  All of our instructors take their craft seriously and go to workshops all over the country to stay educated on a number of issues in order to better serve you.  We have experience teaching people dealing with sciatica, hip replacements, knee surgeries, bulging discs, scoliosis, lupus and multiple sclerosis, just to name a few.  If you have concerns about your situation, just come in and talk to us.  We are here to listen and answer any questions you might have.
Heck no!  In fact, the method is named after Joseph Pilates – the buff, tattooed gymnast and boxer who invented all these crazy machines and came up with all this challenging stuff!  And guys, can we speak frankly for a minute?  You need Pilates more than your wife or daughter, so quit making excuses and get in here!
Once you are ready for group class, we have a variety to choose from including Mat, Tower, Reformer and Chair.  Each one is unique, but they are all equally beneficial.  Depending on your movement experience and current condition, there is likely a class that is more suited to your needs, especially for your first few lessons.  We want you to have the best experience possible, so please contact us.  We would love to guide you in the right direction.
The general rule is that you want to wear something you feel comfortable in, but please keep in mind that some of the Pilates exercises might become a bit revealing if your attire is too baggy.  We encourage clothing that will appropriately cover your body and fabric that has a little stretch in it, so you can move freely. And all Pilates is done barefoot, so when you get in here, make yourself at home -- kick your shoes off and get comfy!
Absolutely nothing!  Just bring yourself and we’ll provide everything you need.  If you have time, you can print and fill out the new client forms or simply fill them out online.  If not, you will have plenty of time to do that here at the studio.
Well first of all, that’s not a question.  Second of all…Rubbish!  Everyone can do Pilates!  That’s one of the truly amazing things about it.  And because we know it can be scary or intimidating to try something new, we take great care starting right where you are and easing you into your new Pilates practice.  Need more assurance?  Just give us a call (509.5155) or set up a meeting with us.  We’d be happy to hear you out and answer any questions you have!