Private Lessons

Each Personal Session is 55 Minutes Long

To set up a private or semi-private lesson please call or text 509–5155, or send us an email at

Private Lessons

If you are new to Pilates this is by far the best way to get started and many people choose to continue their private lessons as part of their weekly schedule.  In this comfortably personal setting you will work individually with one of our highly trained instructors who will assess your posture and movement, then tailor the lesson specifically to you.  Whether you choose to make them a regular occurrence or an occasional treat in addition to your group classes, there is no doubt your improvement will accelerate more quickly when you add private Pilates lessons to your practice!

Semi-Private Lessons

This is a great way to take Pilates if you enjoy experiencing new things with a friend or spouse.  It’s still a very personal and intimate setting, but you get to share the cost of the hour – and the wonderful experience – with a buddy!