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Group Classes

This is not a gym, people.  No matter which class you choose you will find we keep our group settings small here.  We take pride in creating a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment where you can get the most out of your time with us.

And all Pilates classes – regardless of equipment or props – utilize and strengthen your whole body.  So if you’re looking for that one particular class that will tone your arms, or your legs, or your back, or your abs, then get a ready for a paradigm shift . . .

Every class will tone every bit of you (even down to your diaphragm, my friends)!

Each class is 55 minutes long. We encourage students to arrive at least five minutes early during which time you can sit, relax, sign up for other classes and take time to stretch out before class — feel free to use our various props!

Mat Class

This class is the very foundation of Pilates and as “clean” as it gets.  Just you, the mat, and gravity.  We will add exercise balls, rollers, and other fun props to further enhance your training from time to time, but since all you really need is the ground beneath your feet, this is by far the most portable of all classes.  Learn Mat Pilates and you can take it with you anywhere!

Tower Class

This machine combines a bit of both worlds.  While you still have the firm foundation of the floor beneath you, the Tower adds a little more feedback for your workout.  The springs on the Tower act as assistance and/or resistance, which means they can provide the help you might need in more difficult exercises, as well as make the movements you’ve mastered more challenging!

Reformer Class

Equipped with a sliding platform attached to springs, this robust machine is extremely versatile and due to the physics of the Reformer these classes make the Pilates concepts of balance and stability much more tangible and dynamic!  Plus, this thing looks like a torture device which, you have to admit, is kind of cool…

Chair Classes

Very little sitting involved here!  The Chair is considered one of the more challenging pieces of Pilates equipment.  For this reason, we recommend you develop a good grasp of your Pilates mind-body connection before joining one of these classes!

Restorative Pilates

All Pilates is restorative in nature.  But these classes are specifically designed for people who would benefit from a slower, milder workout. This is the perfect setting for those who are dealing with or coming back from pain and/or injuries.  You do not have to stay “stuck” where you are.  Come join us – nourish your body with healthy movement, get stronger, and feel better!

For your safety and the safety of your fellow students, we strongly recommend taking at least three private lessons before joining any group class.  You can do so with our New Client Introductory Offer.