Many images and cliché’s and stereotypes are linked with Pilates. Because that’s what gets photographed and marketed. That’s what looks good in a magazine or webpage. And Pilates does make people look better. But that’s just a happy side effect of the real benefits.

We’ve chosen to focus our expertise on how people feel first. We’ve crafted our teaching style to be inclusive and joyful. We account for everyone’s self concerns and personal goals. We’ve built a studio community from the ground up that was designed before anything else to be warm, genuine and open. A supportive family of teachers and students.

The purpose of The Pilates Nook is to teach functional movement – the stuff your body knew as a kid that’s just gotten a little dusty over the years. To help people feel better in their own skin. To guide people to thoughtful, reframing of their movement paradigms. And to reach the personal health goals of every student – so that each person leaves feeling better than when they walked in, better this month than they did last.

We’re here to serve, support, and encourage you in your own journey of betterment.  Along the way, you will sweat, build muscle, lose your breath, focus your busy brain, make new friends, get into some crazy positions, tone up, become extremely sore in places you didn’t even know you had, and learn how Pilates is FAR more than just an exercise program!